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Established in 1998 under the discerning eye of energetic proprietor Ali El Safy, Bistro Vida is a neighborhood restaurant inspired by the great Parisian bistro culture and traditions of French cooking. Ali, a Cairo native, lived in Paris before settling in the Bay Area. His mission was to bring the joie de vivre, comfort, and community of the City of Lights to downtown Menlo Park. The name "Vida" the Spanish word for life, was chosen as a toast to the enjoyment of life, love, and food.

Our market-driven bistro menu is influenced by a variety of French and Mediterranean flavors and celebrates our local, seasonal ingredients. We offer simple, traditional French bistro classics, a carefully curated wine selection, and a full bar featuring hand-crafted signature cocktails. 

We hope you stop in and enjoy with us next time you're in the neighborhood for a little bit of Paris much closer to home. 

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